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To book a dietician, follow these simple steps:

Install and Register: Download the app on your Android or iOS device to get started. Register on the app using your phone number, social accounts, or email.

Find and Book Dietician: Once you’ve registered on the app, you can start looking for dietitians nearby. Go to the Video Consultation section to find a list of all the available dieticians. Compare the profiles of the dieticians and go ahead to book the service by choosing your preferred date and time.

Consult online: The dietician will accept your service request. You can now connect with them at the set date and time. Once the session is over, money will be automatically deducted from your account or in-app wallet, depending on the online payment method you choose.

Rate & Review: After the consultation session, you can rate and review the dietician based on your experience.

Download Android & IOS Apps to Book/Order the Services

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