Track Family & Employees

How It Works

To use this feature, Download the app and simply login with your social media credentials/phone number/email id. For the corporates/schools it requires registering which will generate a code to every individual. 

Once you tap in the feature, you need to fill in the code to view the location on the in real-time. You get notified when your family member/employees has on-boarded and dropped-off at the location.  You can check the exact location on the map offering you the whereabouts of the family/co-worker. Cellular or Wifi connection is required to fetch the location on real-time basis.  When connection is interrupted, the app continue to track and data is saved in the device storage. You will be able to start from where you left once the connection is restored. Your map will then display the most recent information. This feature is available on Android and IOS both.

Download Android & IOS Apps to Book/Order the Services

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