Bid for Services

How It Works

Download the app to use this feature “Service Bid” which has been developed to help you complete your "Tasks" within the specified timeframe and budget. Once you have installed the app and registered with your social media credentials or email id/phone number, you can quickly "Post the task" under this component feature including brief details such as the nature of the work, the deadline, and the budget. The job description will be reviewed and bid on by Service Providers in the nearby area. You get to choose the best bid based on the work history, professionalism, ratings, and transparent pricing.

We understand the hectic lifestyle that you have which makes it rather difficult for you to step out of your houses and feel the urge to go and refresh or clean your houses, to say the least. Thus, to make sure that you can receive a vast array of services without the pain of stepping out of your houses, we present to you Shoferi im which has over 72 and over services like beautician, massage, handyman, cleaning, tutoring, etc. to name a few.

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